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Modern Lighting Accents for the Home

One of the easiest ways to make changes to the rooms of your house is by adding modern lighting. Coupled with the latest trends and smart technologies available, the right fixtures transform a space by making it feel warm and inviting while increasing your visibility and the functionality of the room. Read on to learn about some of the top modern lighting accents for your home improvement project.

Modern Lighting Options

Pendant. Among the most versatile lighting fixtures available, pendant-style lights work well in kitchens which require direct lighting. They can be mounted different ways to create your desired look.

Under Cabinet. A truly efficient way to make good use of every square inch of your kitchen or living room, under cabinet lights are attractive and functional. The space-savers emit a strong source of light which makes entering a darkened room safer and easier.

Chandelier. Among the most classic and elegant fixtures available, a chandelier provides mood lighting for entranceways and dining rooms. It comes in a variety of sizes and materials, too, making it possible for you to create the visual aesthetic you hoped for in the home.

Recessed. Offering subtle, indirect lighting, recessed fixtures work well in rooms that may have other light sources in them such as an entertainment room with a widescreen TV. This type of lighting helps balance harsh light, diffusing it slightly, and creating layers of lighting that are visually interesting and wholly beneficial for watching movies and reading books.

Smart Lighting. The latest in SMART technology, SMART lighting puts the power into your hands. You’re able to control the amount of light a bulb emits. Also, you can control how long the lights stay on through the convenience of an app on your smartphone or tablet.

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