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How to Reduce Your Air Conditioning Bill

A spike in temperature can cause a spike in your air conditioning bill. The summer heat may be brutal, but that doesn’t mean your air conditioning bill needs to skyrocket. Here are a few ways to cut down on your air conditioning bill during the summer heat.

How to Cut Down on Your Air Conditioning Bill

There are a few steps that you can take to reduce your air conditioning bill.

  • Install solar panels to power your home
  • Have your air conditioning system serviced
  • Reduce sunlight
  • Avoid cooking indoors as much as possible
  • Replace HVAC air filters
  • Seal and upgrade your windows
  • Insulate your walls and attic

If you have a lot of sunlight streaming through the windows, it will instantly heat up your home. You can use curtains to keep the sunlight out or plant some shade trees outside of your windows. Upgrading your windows to energy-efficient ones will lower your cooling costs long-term. It’s also a good idea to fix cracks and caulk leaks because the cool air escapes the house this way.

Most important, check and replace your HVAC filters on a regular basis. Dirty HVAC filters make it more difficult to circulate air because dust is blocking the vents. By replacing them, you will instantly notice a difference in temperature. Also, be sure to have your air conditioning system serviced. A reliable contractor will make sure it is running efficiently by checking voltage connections and cleaning outdoor coils.

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