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An Outdoor Ceiling Fan for Your Porch

As the weather warms, there’s no better place to relax than in the shade on your porch. However, it can get a bit too hot out there. If you want to stay cool, you might want to add an outdoor ceiling fan.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Can you simply install a regular indoor ceiling fan on your porch? While this might work for part of the year, indoor fans simply aren’t built to deal with the harsh outdoor conditions. Not only are outdoor ceiling fans made of more durable materials, but their electronics are also designed to stand up to the elements. Additionally, outdoor fans typically cool a much larger space, so they need a more powerful motor than their indoor counterparts. If you really want to make sure you and your family are staying cool when you’re out on the porch, an outdoor ceiling fan is the only way to go.

Finding the Right Outdoor Ceiling Fan

It’s important to ensure you’re getting the right fan for your needs. This means finding a fan that’s both built for outdoor use and powerful enough to provide a breeze for your whole porch. The good news is, there are guidelines to help you choose the right size ceiling fan for your needs. You should choose the size of your fan based on the square footage of the area you’re trying to cool. Use larger fans for larger areas. If you’re still not sure what size you should choose, a professional can help you pick the right fan for your outdoor space.

With hotter summer days just around the corner, there’s no better time to prepare for the warm weather ahead. Tim Kyle, a Carroll County electrician, can help you choose the right fan and get it installed. If you need help choosing a ceiling fan and installing it in your home, give Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling a call at (410) 876-9404 to schedule an appointment today.

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