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How to Select a Porch Ceiling Fan

Finding the right porch ceiling fan for your home is an important investment. You can always choose from a wide range of styles to best match the appearance of your home. However, not all ceiling fans are the same. For example, indoor fans can’t withstand the elements compared to an outdoor fan. So, be sure to research options in advance of making a decision.

Choosing the Right Porch Ceiling Fan

Many people enjoy installing a fan on a covered patio to keep them cool during the summer months. These fans are also known as “damp location” fans, as they can withstand humidity and damp locations. However, these fans do need to be out of the rain, snow, and moisture. These fans are also perfect for screened-in porches or sunrooms.

Wet location ceiling fans are a great option for open patios, gazebos, or other uncovered areas. These fans can easily handle the elements, whether it’s rain, snow, or direct moisture. The motor within these fans is safeguarded against the elements to ensure it continues to operate without any problems.

Keeping additional features in mind is important before purchasing an outdoor fan. For example, buying a fan with lights is a great way to illuminate your patio or outdoor living space. Many of these also include remote controls that allow you to adjust the brightness of the lights or the speed of the fan. All of these extra options will help you stay comfortable while spending time outdoors.

Contact an Electrician in Owings Mills

Installing an outdoor fan isn’t an easy process for homeowners. Using a professional electrician in Owings Mills, like Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, is always a great option to ensure you are happy with the results. Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling specializes in a wide range of electrical services, as we take pride in always meeting the needs of each customer. Our team is also happy to answer any of your questions about a porch ceiling fan. Contact us today!

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