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Using Ceiling Fans in Cooler Months is Possible!

Many people think that ceiling fans are only useful during the hot summer months, but this is not the case! Ceiling fans can be a great asset during the cooler winter months, too. Read on to learn how to use your fans for circulation in the winter.

Use Ceiling Fans to Move Heat

Warm air in a home is blown through vents and into each room. If the air is blown in through vents in the floorboards, it can be difficult to get the air circulating throughout the entire space. This is where a fan comes into play. Ceiling fans are designed to circulate air, and warm air rises. This means that reversing the direction of the blades on your fan can help to push warm air around the room to regulate the temperature.

Reversing the direction of a ceiling fan is easy. Typically, there is a small switch on the base of the fan. If you flip the switch, it will cause the blade to spin in the opposite direction to reverse airflow. Properly circulating the air in your home can reduce your electric bills. When the air is circulated, the thermostat will turn on less frequently and warm air will constantly circulate throughout the home to keep things warm and toasty.

Though it may seem strange to run a ceiling fan this time of year, you might find that it keeps you more comfortable in your home. If it’s properly circulating air, then it might even help to limit overspending on your heat! Just don’t forget to give the blades a dusting every once in a while.

An Electrician Can Help

For installation and other tips on ceiling fans, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling.  Our electricians can visit your home, install or inspect existing fans, and make any recommendations. Contact the electrician in North Laurel that customers can trust for all electrical service needs.

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