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Increase the Range of Your Electric Vehicle

When you upgrade to an electric vehicle, you want the vehicle to last as long as possible on a single charge. So how can you increase the range of your electric vehicle? Read on to learn more from Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, electrician in Myersville.

How to Increase the Range of Your Electric Vehicle

There are a variety of battery sizes for electric vehicles. While the premium options aren’t cheap, they can help you get through a longer trip without stopping to charge. Your time means something, so if you can afford a battery upgrade, you can avoid frequent stops at a charging station.

Also, you can change certain habits like using the heat and AC sparingly and accelerating at a steady pace, you can increase the drive range of your vehicle. Of course, you’re going to flip on the heat on a really cold day, but when you can avoid the heat, do so. Dress in layers on chilly days and save the heat for when you really need it. The heat will draw from the batter and that can cause you to drain it faster. Similar to a gas-powered car, when you step on the gas and quickly accelerate, your car uses more energy. Drive at a normal pace and accelerate with care. It will keep you safer and spare your charge at the same time.

Any vehicle needs proper tire inflation. For a gas vehicle, you will get better gas mileage when you have the right tire inflation level. For an electric vehicle, you will be able to drive farther on one charge when you have the right tire levels. Check those levels on a regular basis. Finally, driving with less weight in the car will also extend the range of your car. The heavier your car is, the faster the charge will drain, so remove unnecessary items from the trunk.

Contact an Electrician in Myersville

If you’re the owner of an electric vehicle, then you have to make sure to have the right charger to go along with it. The electrical experts at Tim Kyle can talk you through our selection of charging systems that are available and can then take steps toward installation and maintenance from there. Whatever the make or model of your electric car, we’d love to sit down with you to figure out a charging station solution that suits your needs. Contact us today.

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