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What is a Circuit Breaker?

A circuit breaker divides electricity and sends it to various outlets in different rooms. In the case of an electrical overload, they automatically disrupt the flow of electricity. An essential safety feature in your home, circuit breakers cut off current to the problem line until the issue can be safely addressed. Learn more.

The Basics of Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are found in your home’s breaker box which is typically located in the garage, basement, or utility room. They typically “trip” when there is a ground fault, a short circuit, or an overload. An overloaded circuit can occur from something like an outdoor lighting display. A short circuit is usually a wiring issue within an appliance that results in excess current being pulled. A ground fault typically occurs in high moisture areas such as the kitchen and bath.

Circuit breakers are often easier to deal with and maintain than fuses are. When fuses overload, they blow and have to be replaced. Circuit breakers can be tripped, but they don’t have to be replaced. They can just be reset and turned back on. Replacing fuses would get tiresome and expensive over time.

How Do I Reset My Circuit Breaker?

When you have tripped a circuit breaker, resetting it is fairly easy. First, unplug and turn off the affected areas of the room. If the lights of the room are affected, turn the light switches to their normal off positions. If needed, take a flashlight and open the circuit breaker box. Find the circuit breaker which has been affected, usually in the center position. Switch it off and then back on. If it stays on, then that is all you have to do. When buying or renting a place, test out the circuits in the circuit breaker to see where they go and if they are properly labeled. That will save time in the future.

Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling

If the same circuit is a repeat offender, then you either need to adapt and lighten the load or that breaker is damaged and needs to be replaced. When it comes to upgrading your electrical panels or your circuit breakers, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. We provide residential electrical service in Ellicott City and the greater Baltimore area. Contact us today!

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