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Are Short Circuits Dangerous?

Are short circuits dangerous? The short answer is yes. If your home’s electrical system is short-circuiting, refrain from using your electrical system until an emergency electrician can assess and repair the malfunction. Allowing an electrical failure such as this to persist could result in property damage, fire, or electrical shock. Read on to learn more.

Short Circuits

When electricity is sent from your electrical provider into your home, it is dispersed into separate circuits. The electrical panel houses all of the circuit breakers. Each circuit is allotted a certain voltage of energy at one time. If the allotted voltage increases, a significant amount of damage can occur.

The electrical system is designed for two things. First, it conveniently provides electricity in various areas of the house. Second, it safely contains electrical energy. Short circuits compromise one of those attributes. Short circuits happen when an electrical current is sent down the incorrect circuit. It does so without any inhibition or resistance. This is an issue because our circuit breakers should have detected such an anomaly. If this occurrence goes undetected, then something could be wrong with multiple electrical system components in your home. It’s important to determine what is causing the trip. Short circuits can be caused by faulty circuit wire insulation, loose wire connections, or faulty appliance wiring.

Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling

An electrical current that is allowed to flow down the wrong circuit with little to no resistance will cause damage to your electrical system. If you have consistent circuit breaks in your home, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. We can assess your electrical system and provide panel upgrades, surge protection, and arc fault circuit breakers. We offer residential services in Frederick, MD and the greater Baltimore area. Contact us today.

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