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Appliances that Might Trip the Circuit Breaker

If you’ve ever overloaded an outlet, you understand that the more power you pull from one area, the more strain you are putting on the electrical system. While you are likely careful about not plugging too many things into one area, there are certain appliances that can trip the circuit breaker. That can be a problem. Learn more from an Ellicott City electrician about what appliances tend to trip the circuit breaker.

Appliances that May Trip a Circuit Breaker

Some hair dryers, older refrigerators, portable AC units, and vacuum cleaners may cause issues when in use for your electrical system. All hair care appliances that produce a lot of heat in a short length of time can spike the power draw. You could trip the breaker and that can cause several outlets in that area to lose power. Unplug devices in that space that you aren’t using to reduce chances of the breaker tripping.

Refrigerators that are older than 20 years in age use a lot more energy than newer appliances. If you have an old appliance of this nature, it can draw a lot of power. Power needs increase when it’s hot and the unit is working harder to stay cool. If your fridge is tripping the breaker regularly, it’s time to get a new one.

Also, if you run a portable air conditioner in a window during the summer months, it takes a lot of energy to cool the air in your space. That in combination with other power sources you might be using can cause circuit breakers to trip.

Vacuum cleaners use a lot of power to get their suction going. They can trip a breaker when they are combined with other items working in the same room. If the vacuum trips the breaker in one room, test it in multiple areas of the house. If only one breaker trips, then it’s the breaker and not the vacuum itself.

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If you are unsure about what is happening when your circuit breaker trips, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. We are an Ellicott City electrician who can help you get answers and peace of mind that you need!

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