residential circuit issues

Residential Circuit Issues: Problems in Your Home?

Residential circuit issues can be common in any household. They occur when there is an overloaded circuit, short circuit, or loose wiring. If the lights turn on in one room and not in another, then you are likely experiencing residential circuit issues. What can be done to make it so that all of your lights (and beyond) are functioning properly?

What Residential Circuit Issues Might You Encounter?

Some common causes of residential circuit issues are construction work, cut power lines, large home appliances cycling, lightning, and faulty wiring. Consequently, problems with faulty circuits cause irreparable damages to your expensive electrical appliances. By taking a few simple measures, you can minimize your risk of residential circuit issues.

The most effective way to protect your home from circuit issues is to invest in a whole-home surge protection solution which allows you to protect all your electronic devices. The surge suppressor or circuit breaker is installed on the main and sub-panels of your home’s electrical system. This system provides surge protection for a home’s lights, HVAC system, appliances, and internal wires. However, even with a whole-house suppressor, you may still be susceptible to circuit issues. Hence, additional protection units such as UPS (uninterruptible power stations), power strips, or surge stations are recommended.

Contact Residential Electrical Service in Howard County, MD

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