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Residential Circuit Issues Solved with Professional Aid

As you know, any electrical problems in your home should be addressed by professionals who know what they’re doing and who have the training to complete these jobs safely. That said, you can identify potential residential circuit issues yourself and then call on your chosen electrician to take care of it.

Identifying Common Residential Circuit Issues

“Though some common electrical issues are simply the result of bad habits, others are deeper issues in need of professional repair and troubleshooting.” Some of these common residential circuit issues include overloads, broken switches, blown bulbs, and flickering, recessed lights.

Overloaded circuits happen to most homeowners at one point or another. Having a lot of things plugged in to the same outlet will typically cause this problem. You can handle this yourself by moving some plugs into other outlets and by using power strips… but make sure the outlet isn’t sparking or hot before you go near it.

If your dimmer switches aren’t working as they should, then you may be able to blame it on poor installation techniques. This is something that you want to call a pro for, since they can remove the plate and take a look at the wiring job within in order to fix the switch.

Light bulbs burning out is one of the most often-seen residential circuit issues. If it keeps happening, though, then you may simply be using the wrong wattage of bulb. Make sure that you read the label on your light fixture, and if that’s long gone, then try to find the model online to identify its proper wattage.

Finally, for those with recessed lights in their home, you’re likely bothered if they turn on and off on their own. This is a sign that they’re unable to disperse heat normally and are switching on and off to stay cool and to prevent any safety hazards. Since this isn’t “standard operating procedure,” having a contractor examine your recessed lights is the best way to get them working optimally again.

To learn more about how these and other residential circuit issues and how to get them fixed, get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. You can talk to an expert about new installations of lighting and wiring, among other things, for your home or business.

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