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Understanding a Tripped Circuit

When a circuit trips, electrical flow is shut off to protect the circuit from overheating. It does this to prevent damage and electrical fires. A tripped circuit can be caused by various reasons. Read on to learn more.

Cause of a Tripped Circuit

Causes of a tripped circuit include an overloaded circuit, short circuits, or ground fault surges. An overloaded circuit is the most common cause. When too much power is drawn from something that is plugged in, the breaker shuts off. Vacuums, air conditioners, space heaters, hairdryers, and corded tools are some of the most problematic devices that cause this occurrence.

A short also happens when a live wire comes in contact with a neutral wire in the circuit, whether it’s in an outlet, light fixture, or switch. Sparks, popping sounds, and smoke are known to occur when this happens. Either a loose connection, improper wiring, or damaged wiring causes this to happen.

Ground fault surges are similar to short circuits. If a hot wire comes in contact with a ground wire, the edge of the box, or another grounded source more powerful than the circuit can handle, a surge will occur. A short circuit and ground fault surges are likely to cause a burning scent and faulty or damaged equipment is the reason this would occur.

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