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Why Is My Air Fryer Tripping My Circuit Breaker?

Air frying can produce deep fried food, but without all the fat. It can be a joyful experience to bring a new air fryer home, plug it in, and start turning out the air-fried goodies. Unfortunately, this is all too frequently followed by the annoyance of having the air fryer trip your circuit breaker, plunging your kitchen back into the Stone Age. To truly fix this problem, you need the help of a good residential electrician Baltimore County Maryland.

Why Circuit Breakers Trip

When wires overheat, they can catch fire. Circuit breakers react to excessive electrical current and break the circuit before it can overheat. This causes all the electrical devices hooked up to the circuit to shut off and not turn back on until the circuit breaker is reset. Kitchen appliances require a lot of electricity to work, even more than your laptop does. So, when you have multiple appliances going at the same time, you may be pushing your kitchen’s circuits to their limits. Remember, just because two appliances are plugged into two separate outfits does not mean that they’re on different circuits. In fact, the entire kitchen is frequently on the same circuit. So, when you plug in your air fryer, which uses a lot of electricity, you overload your kitchen circuit, and everything turns off.

You can easily fix the problem, in the short term, by yourself. First, turn off everything you can in the kitchen, so the breaker doesn’t trip again the moment you turn it back on.┬áNext, locate your circuit breaker box. This is a metal panel that opens onto rows of switches. Find the one that is in the off position and flip it back on. If none of the circuit breakers are labeled off or on, it will be the one showing red.

Residential Electrician Baltimore County Maryland

However, this is only a short-term fix. If your kitchen circuitry isn’t up to the demand you place on it, then you need to talk to a good residential electrician to make your circuits and breaker are more robust. Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, residential electrician Baltimore County Maryland.

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