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Three Popular Commercial Services We Offer

You have a lot riding on your business, so you need to protect it as well as you can. That includes having an electrical inspection to catch incipient problems before they become actual hazards. These inspections can save you money, too, by showing you when replacing old, worn, inefficient equipment new, high efficient equipment will lower your costs. Commercial electrical inspections require a good commercial electrical service. Elkridge businesses should contact us at Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling to schedule one. We also offer these popular commercial services:

New Construction

A new commercial building needs a professional wiring job because businesses put a lot of stress on their electrical systems. We will make sure the wiring in your new building is done the right way right away, able to handle heavy loads safely and efficiently.

Tenant Fit-Outs – Commercial Electrical Service in Elkridge

Different businesses have different electrical needs, and not every commercial space is up to the demands of every new tenant. Our tenant fit-out service can get any space ready for your business, whatever its power needs are. We work fast, too, and can make sure that your new location is ready for your company by the time you are ready to open your doors.


Any business needs to keep its costs as low as possible. You’d be surprised at how costly outdated electrical systems and appliances are. When they get old, they operate with poor efficiency, and waste a lot of power. And with the high power usage of most businesses, that waste can really add up. When you call on us to renovate your business’ electrical system, we’ll replace old, wasteful equipment with newer, more efficient versions. We can also add new features that make the day to day business that you do easier.

Your Business Needs the Best Commercial Electrical Service Elkridge Has

If you run an Elkridge business, you need the best commercial electrical service Eldridge has to take care of your commercial electrical needs. Contact us at Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling today to schedule an inspection, fit-out, renovation, or help with your new commercial construction.

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