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A Home Maintenance Checklist for Electrical Safety

Many homeowners take their electrical system for granted if it works consistently and reliably. Don’t forget, though, that preventative measures and regular maintenance will help you avoid safety mishaps. Residential electrical fires result in hundreds of injuries and millions in property damage each year, but frequent and thorough routine inspections using a home maintenance checklist will maintain your home’s electrical system for years to come.

Electrical Home Maintenance Checklist

Start outdoors. If your electricity comes via overhead wires, hire a professional to ensure that any nearby trees don’t obstruct it. Keep bushes and trees trimmed and clear from any cables. Frayed wires inside or outside of your house can potentially cause shocks or fires.

While outdoors, inspect your breaker panel. Open it and examine its interior, looking for any burned or scorched areas. An electrician can install an arc fault circuit interrupter if your system is outdated: this will add a layer of protection against fires by monitoring electrical currents.

Inspect your switches and outlets. An electrician should examine any outlets that are warm to the touch or discolored in the area where you insert a plug. An outlet is malfunctioning if plugged-in items are not powering on.

All of your electrical outlets near water sources should have a ground fault circuit interrupter. Your electrician should double-check outlets in your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room.

Inspect circuits and breakers. A professional should inspect breakers that are continuously tripping. All of your circuits should also be properly grounded. A circuit consists of wires that transport electrical current to lights and appliances, so there should be a ground wire in your home.

Residential Electrical Service in Myersville

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