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Be Aware of These Common Home Electrical Problems

Every home, regardless of layout, age, and size, can have electrical issues. Whether it’s a hot outlet or flickering lights, these seemingly minor issues can turn into a substantial hazard if left unchecked. Instead of fixing issues yourself and putting your home at an even higher risk, contact Tim Kyle, an Owings Mills electrician. for any common home electrical problems.

Common Home Electrical Problems

Do your lights flicker consistently even though you changed the light bulbs and had new light fixtures installed? Although you may push this issue to the back of your mind, it needs to be addressed. A professional will determine the issue and fix it.

Does your breaker trip when you plug in a certain device while using your microwave? If so, your home is too old to handle the high wattage requirements of modern devices. You may try using limited power; however, it’s safer to have a professional electrician replace your electrical panel.

Are the outlets in your home warm to the touch when devices are plugged in? This is a sign of faulty wiring or other damage and it can lead to a fire. You must have the wires inspected and replaced as soon as possible.

Do you use a lot of extension cords because there aren’t enough outlets? Extension cords should not be used as a long-term solution. To avoid risks and improve efficiency, hire a professional to add more outlets.

Finally, do plugs fall out of the outlets? This means they’re not providing a secure connection and can cause arcs of electricity, or electrocution. It’s time to replace them.

Looking for an Owings Mills Electrician?

Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling has been providing residential and commercial electrical services to clients in Maryland since 1986. We only use high-quality contractor-grade materials and give 100% to every job. Our services include repairs and rewiring, panel upgrades, surge protection, new renovations, and energy management systems. Click here for a free estimate!

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