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Common Signs of Electrical Problems

When things with your home’s electrical system malfunction, there is cause for concern. A homeowner should always contact a licensed electrician for an inspection and complete repair when needed. Here’s what you need to watch for when it comes to identifying common signs of electrical problems.

Signs of Electrical Problems

Flickering lights can be an indication of an electrical problem, such as a loose electrical connection. If you’re only experiencing this problem with one light fixture, a Towson electrician can fix this problem in one visit. If multiple lights in your home are flickering, this is a sign of a more complex electrical problem. For example, you may have an issue with the breaker box, circuit, or utility drop on the outside of your home.

Don’t panic when your circuit breaker trips. The breaker is designed to cut the electricity when it detects a system overload. In most instances, you can restore power to your home. If your circuit breaker trips multiple times each month, this is a sign of a dangerous electrical issue, such as faulty electrical wiring.

If you notice discolored outlets, this is a sign the wiring in your home is damaged and heat is currently escaping through the outlet. Discolored outlets feature scorch marks that can be brown or black. Know that the smell of an electrical issue is different from any other type of burning smell, such as food or paper. The smell of burning electrical components has a chemical-like smell.

An outlet that doesn’t provide power is known as a “dead” outlet. When an outlet isn’t working, this problem indicates loose wiring and other possible serious electrical issues. A Towson electrician can inspect your home and determine the cause of non-working outlets.

Hiring a Towson Electrician

Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling is a name you can trust. We specialize in residential and commercial electrical services. We make your safety our priority. If you’re experiencing electrical problems, don’t hesitate to contact us or schedule a service.

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