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Doorbell Troubleshooting

Your doorbell system runs on electricity. That means any problem with your doorbell is an electrical problem. Before you decide to tackle the doorbell troubleshooting yourself, determine if you have any additional electrical problems in your home. Your faulty doorbell could be an indicator of more serious problems of which you aren’t yet aware.

Doorbell Troubleshooting: Is It Broken?

Doorbell troubleshooting is one of those home projects that can seem simple when you start. However, it can become complicated the deeper you get into the problem. Doorbell systems are fairly basic and made up of three components: the doorbell button, the ringer unit, and the transformer. There is a fourth element to this, which is the possibility of broken wiring within the system.

Taking apart your doorbell system might seem like an easy job for your Walkersville electrician. Again, that depends upon what’s wrong with the doorbell. A broken doorbell button can be a simple fix, so long as you are comfortable removing wiring from the old button and attaching it to a new button.

The process gets more complicated once you get past the doorbell button. At that point, you will need to have specific tools and will have to turn off circuit breakers to avoid electrical shock.

The next step is to access the ringer unit. This can be checked with a voltage meter to determine if there’s power to the unit. If the power is there, the unit is faulty and will need to be replaced. If there’s power, the unit is OK, but troubleshooting just became more difficult.

The doorbell transformer is next on the list which requires a professional inspection. The transformer can be located on a junction box or hidden on a wall stud. If you don’t know where your doorbell transformer is located, your Walkersville electrician will be able to locate and check it with a voltage meter. If it has power, you likely have a broken wire.

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