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Electrical Hum Driving You Crazy?

Do you have an electrical hum in your home that’s driving you crazy? Is it from your electric system or something else? Find out more about what could be releasing a low-frequency humming noise in your home.

Causes of Electrical Hums

The quickest way to check is to shut off your circuit breakers. If you no longer hear the humming, then you should have your electrical system checked. If you hear an electrical hum or buzzing, carefully check the following:

Light bulbs and fixtures. The hum could be come from the light fixture or the bulb itself. Try switching to a quality, LED light bulb to see if it eliminates the noise.

Outlets. Humming from an outlet can be dangerous and should be immediately inspected by a professional electrician. It could mean a wiring issue, allowing the outlet to carry voltage levels that are too high for the circuit. Remember to never try to fix a faulty outlet yourself!

Circuit breakers. At low levels, a humming noise can be normal. However, similar to outlets, humming is likely because the circuit breaker is carrying a voltage level that is too high and the circuit was not able to trip properly. An electrician should be called to inspect the circuit breaker if the humming noise is loud or buzzing.

Is an Electrical Hum Dangerous?

The humming you hear from certain appliances with electric motors like fridges and dryers can be normal. However, a general rule is that if the humming noise is above a low-frequency, or sounds more like buzzing, then it is best to contact a professional electrician. The noise could indicate malfunction. Electrical hums from outlets and circuit breakers should also be dealt with professionally. If your outlets or circuit breakers aren’t working properly, a fire could break out from the faulty wiring.

Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling

For the safety of your family and home, it is best to call a professional to inspect any loud or continuous electrical hums. It is dangerous to attempt to fix electrical issues on your own. A professional electrician will be able to quickly locate the humming, identify if it’s a safety issue, and fix the situation immediately.

For those looking for residential electrical service in the Frederick area, Tim Kyle Co. Inc Electrical Service is your top choice. At Tim Kyle, we offer upfront pricing before beginning any project. Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

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