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Electrical Issues Caused by Storms

Electrical problems can be caused by many issues, most notably by severe thunderstorms. There are several factors at play: downed power lines, lightening that strikes and causes a deadly surge, and water that leaks into buildings and comes into contact with the wiring. Solving the problem requires the skill and expertise of a residential electrician. Contact a residential electrician in Hanover PA.

How Do Storms Cause Electrical Problems?

A severe storm can cause downed power lines. For example, strong winds or lighting damage trees which then fall on power lines. Damaged lines cause an outage in your home. In addition, when lighting strikes, it may hit an area right near your home and cause a sudden intense power surge. When this happens, you may experience an outage that is harmful to your home’s electrical wiring. Appliances or electrical devices may get damaged and need repair or replacement. Residents who live in areas that are most vulnerable to high intensity thunderstorms and extreme weather should call a residential electrician to install a generator as a backup source.

Also, storms bring water damage that can cause harm to electrical systems. When water leaks into a building, it can hit an electrical wire and cause an area of your home to lose power due to a short circuit. In some cases, you may experience an electrical fire, and that’s when you should call 911 and then consult your electrician.

Residential Electrician Hanover PA

Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, a residential electrician for Hanover PA, can detect electrical issues that result from severe storms. After a storm, if you notice flickering lights or a burning smell. Or, you may have wall fixtures that are hot upon touch or broken light switches. When you notice these problems, don’t try to tackle them alone. Call Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling today for an appointment.

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