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Electrical Problems at Home

Hardly anyone can survive in the modern world without electrical appliances, devices, lighting, and heating and cooling systems. Electricity grants stability and convenience to people’s daily lives. Consequently, when there are electrical problems at home, it can feel like the end of the world.

Common Electrical Problems

Every flip of an electrical switch means that you are drawing on your house’s electrical wiring. Electrical problems can arise at any given time, especially if wiring is old or damaged. Initial problems can be hard to identify. Faulty wiring can cause dangerous home fires and electrical shocks, so learn to recognize some of the significant signs that indicate electrical problems in your house to avoid those risks.

1. Frayed Wires. Frayed wires are the leading cause of electrical problems within a residence. Typically, electrical wires fray as a result of bending, heating, piercings by nails or screws, or corrosion. Whatever the cause, distorted wires are hazardous. A homeowner should contact their local electrician to have wiring examined and repaired safely.

2. Discolored Switches. A discolored switch is a clear indication of an electrical problem and thus should be replaced. There may be a short circuit due to a plugged-in gadget or distorted wires in the switch insulation. Do not attempt to replace the switch yourself, and instead call a pro to handle it.

3. Smoke and burning smell. Smoke and/or a burning smell from electrical boards or appliances are definitive indications of trouble. Once you see the smoke, unplug and turn off all the electrical gadgets. Avoid touching any wiring, switch off the main electrical power, and contact your electrician for immediate assistance.

Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling

If you notice any of the above signs, then contact your residential electrical service in Myersville immediately. Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling provides service to Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick, Howard, Harford, and Montgomery Counties in Maryland. Whatever your electrical repair and remodeling needs, we can power the solution. We provide comprehensive testing to keep your home powered safely.

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