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User Guide to Recycling Electronics

Need to get rid of a cell phone, tablet, or computer? Do you know that the best way to discard these items is by recycling? E-waste takes up space in landfills and contributes to the overuse of raw materials and energy. 44.7 million metric tons of e-waste were thrown away in 2016 and only 20% were recycled! Learn more on why and how you can recycle your old electronics.

Why Recycle?

By recycling old electronics we reduce e-waste. E-waste contains materials that can be refurbished such as copper, silver, gold, and aluminum. When electronic devices are not recycled, the toxic chemicals they carry such as lead and chromium leak into the landfill and groundwater. These chemicals damage the environment and can cause kidney damage as well as nervous system damage in humans.

The Benefits of Recycling Electronics

Recycling electronics saves energy by not manufacturing new materials such as metal. By conserving natural resources, they will last longer. It also creates job opportunities for all businesses, small or large, by providing a new type of service. The increase in demand for recycling electronics will call for more people to be hired. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions as well as pollution. Hazardous chemicals that electronics carry can be properly disposed of thus limiting the chance of people being harmed by them.

Where to Recycle Devices

There are plenty of ways to recycle electronic devices whether you drop them off at a recycling area or ship them to be refurbished. Some places will even pay you for it!
ECycle 101 Computer & Electronics Recycling
From computers to batteries, to lightbulbs and telephones, ECycle will environmentally take care of your electronics and pay you for it.
Best Buy
They take TVs, cell phones, and batteries and properly recycle them. The limit is three items per household and the items must be brought to the store.
Central Acceptance Facility
Electronic devices such as computers and other electronic devices can be brought to this facility to be recycled.

Make recycling electronics a part of your normal routine. For more tips from a high-quality residential electrician in Baltimore County, MD, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling.

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