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Lower Your Bill: Identify Vampire Energy

These days, everybody is very keen to save money wherever they can. And your electric bill is one place where you can probably save some money, because most people are needlessly losing a lot of it to vampire energy. Vampire energy, in case you don’t know, is the energy wasted by electrical devices that haven’t been properly taken care of. Take it from a local electrician Baltimore County, residents have a problem with vampire energy.

Identifying Vampire Energy

Electronic devices in sleep mode are not off. They are in fact still using power at a constant rate. Just not as much as they use when you’re actually using them. It’s still a lot more than they should be using, though, which is none at all. Turn off your devices when they’re not in use and your electric bill should show a noticeable change. Any device that charges up when you plug it into the wall will use a lot of electricity if it is plugged in, even after the device is fully charged. Unplug all of your devices once they are charged.

In fact, any device that is plugged into the wall draws some current, even when it’s not in use. While chargers are particularly bad about this, even televisions, coffee makers, video game consoles, and exercise equipment are wasteful. Make it a general rule to unplug everything you can when it is not in use. To stop vampire energy:

  • When you are using your laptop, tablet, or other electronic device, configure the power saving options to turn off the monitor when you are temporarily away from the device.
  • Use power strips when you can. That way, it’s easy to turn off all the devices plugged into the power strip at the same time.
  • Do a periodic walkthrough of your home to make sure that everything that can be is unplugged.

An Electrician Baltimore County Residents Can Count On

If you want to lower your electric bill, you need to talk to an electrician. Baltimore County residents should contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling for a consultation to learn more ways to save.

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