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Reduce Your Office Electric Bill to Increase Your Bottom Line

Many American workers are now leaving their home offices and returning to their place of business. This means, among other things, increased utility bills for employers. Are you a company owner? Contact your electrician in Sykesville to discuss ways to reduce your electric bill.

Reduce Your Electric Bill

Have you considered switching to energy saving equipment? This upgrade can help you save on electricity and will also help make your employees more productive. Newer equipment and appliances are faster and more efficient. Energy Star products have saved $450 billion in energy costs alone since 1992.

In addition, look at your lighting costs. One suggestion is to move from incandescent lighting to Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting. The cost benefits of LED lighting go beyond the savings in electricity usage, which is estimated at 75%-80% of incandescent lighting. LED lights in commercial use can last up to 100,000 hours, or 11 years, even if they are lit 24/7/365. This benefit also reduces maintenance costs for lighting. LEDs feature direct lighting, also called up-down lighting. That means light is uniformly distributed, providing more effective illumination. Also, LEDs are easier to recycle, because they do not contain the hazardous chemicals found in fluorescent bulbs. LEDs will not impact your air conditioning bills because they do not burn hot like other bulbs.

Finally, working with professional electricians can help you find new ways in which to reduce your electric bill. Smart thermostats, which go beyond simple scheduling of HVAC on and off, allow you to create usage patterns that regular thermostats cannot. Smart thermostats can be remotely controlled, giving you the ability to adjust the environment in your business, as necessary. Another way to help control HVAC costs is with solar window film. This is useful during summer months to reduce solar heat within your business.

Your Electrician in Sykesville

Your electrician in Sykesville can perform a complete audit of your energy usage and show you how to reduce costs. An audit will show a business how energy dollars can be saved, both short term and long term. Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling to learn more.

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