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Save Money on Your Small Business’ Electrical Bill

Running a small business can be costly, and your electric bill is one of the larger portions of your overhead expenses. As a business owner, your primary goal is to make money. However, it’s equally important to make sure you are saving money in your business as well. Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, your Perry Hall electrician, can help you with an electrical business savings plan.

Ways to Cut Energy Costs

There are several ways you can cut energy costs in your small business without sacrificing your product or service. First, LED lighting can not only save you money on your energy costs, but also it can make your business more appealing. The improved ambience can lead to increased customer traffic which generates greater profit. Also, make sure you are using the most energy efficient lighting possible. Older fixtures can be energy wasters.

In addition, consider going paperless. Printing out receipts, statements and other documents requires a great deal of energy. By going paperless, you are making substantial cuts in your energy consumption without compromising customer service. Use email and text to send receipts or invoices. Call customers on the phone regarding overdue bills instead of mailing out notices.

Consider installing ceiling fans and smart thermostats. While ceiling fans don’t necessarily cool a room, they do create air flow which uses the body’s natural cooling mechanisms to feel relief from the heat. Installing ceiling fans allows you to keep your AC at a higher temperature, so it doesn’t have to work as much to cool your building. Smart thermostats can also help regulate the inside temperature more efficiently. Finally, when you leave work for the day, turn off all lights and equipment that don’t need to stay on. During the day, if you are not using a piece of equipment or tool that requires electricity, make sure it is turned off. The same applies when you take a break or leave your work area for lunch, turn off your lights and equipment until you return.

Looking for a Perry Hall Electrician?

You can cut your small business energy cost with just a few adjustments. For more information on your business’ energy savings plan, call Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, your top Perry Hall electrician.

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