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The Advantages of a Smart Electricity Meter

Everyone likes to save money without compromising comfort and convenience. A good place to start is analyzing your energy consumption. Take a look at your current energy bills and see how much you are spending each month. In addition, research having a smart electricity meter installed. Read on to learn more.

What Is a Smart Electricity Meter?

A smart electricity meter records your wattage use. Then, it uses radio signals to convey that data to your electricity provider. This data gives you a better picture of your energy consumption. It records when it is highest and lowest and helps determine where you need to cut back.

A smart electricity meter gives a much more accurate reading than analog meters. They provide real time data to the electric company. As most analog meters cannot be visited every month, your electric company estimates your usage every other month based on past readings. With a smart meter, you are only charged for the actual electricity used, not an estimate that may be too high or too low. Overall costs are reduced for the utility company. Therefore, those savings can be passed on to customers. Electric companies also have a quicker response time to power outages.

Cost Benefits

Smart meters give a more accurate picture of energy consumption. This data can be used by you and your electric company to identify peak usage times and how you are using energy. In addition, they reveal ways to cut your energy consumption and lower your monthly bill. Pay for your actual usage, and not the estimated usage that you paid with an analog meter. If you are in the North Laurel area, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling for an estimate on installing a smart electric meter. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee for our residential electrical services. You don’t pay a penny until you are fully satisfied!

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