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Winter Electric Bills Got You Down?

Winter is here, and for many households that means an increase in utility bills. In the United States, the average household spends $1,181 in total winter electric bills from October 1st to March 31st. That translates to almost $200 per month that families could be spending on other expenses. Want to cut costs? Keep reading for some tips on how you can lower your electric bills this winter.

Reduce Your Winter Electric Bills

Let the sun shine through. It can feel like second nature to walk into your home and immediately turn on the lights. However, during the wintertime, try delaying this moment as late as possible. Take advantage of the natural light for as long as you can before turning on the lights in your home. Let the sun help heat and naturally light your home.

Safely use candles. When it’s time to wind down for the evening, consider turning off your lights and using candles instead. Candles are affordable, create a relaxing atmosphere, and provide enough light to read a book before bed or talk to other family members. Just make sure to practice fire safety and always blow your candles out!

Trap heat indoors. Heating a home can be very expensive and quickly add to the rising costs of your winter electric bills. Ensure you always close your curtains and shades when the natural light is gone to keep the heat within your home.

Devise a thermostat plan. Keep an eye on your thermostat whenever you’re home and when you leave the house. While you may not want to come back to an ice-cold house, you can leave the thermostat at a lower temperature while you’re out. When you’re home and awake, gradually increase the heat to a comfortable level. As you get ready for bed, you can lower it slightly, as people will be warm under their big winter blankets. This mindfulness around your thermostat can save you up to 10% on your winter electric bills throughout the months.

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