electrical charging station installation

Electrical Charging Station Installation

As an owner of an electric vehicle, you do not need to depend on public charging stations to re-charge your car. A home electrical charging station installation allows you to conveniently charge your vehicle. Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling can install your own electric charging station to meet the needs of your electric car.

Benefits of an Electrical Charging Station Installation

Just by opting for an electric vehicle, you are benefiting the environment and future generations. However, charging your vehicle when on the road is not always an easy matter. You will need to use an app to locate the nearest charging station, unless you already know where to find them. The ability to charge your vehicle at home removes this inconvenience, allowing you to charge up overnight from the comfort of your own home. Home charging points are also more cost effective than their public counterparts.

So, what are your options for a home charging station? Public charging stations may be fast charging, but they need industrial-grade electricity to operate. For home electric vehicle charging there are two available options.

  • Option 1 uses existing 120V outlets in the home as a free charging station, though charging times will be long
  • Option 2 involves 240V outlets, the type used for larger household appliances. This will see your vehicle fully charged before the morning, but requires an electrical charging station installation

Any installed electric charging station will need to be somewhere easily accessible, such as a garage or driveway where you would normally park.

Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling

You should always use a professional electrician for an electrical charging station installation. Tim Kyle is an electrician in Howard County who can assist with the installation process, ensuring you receive the correct charging station for your vehicle. Contact Tim Kyle electrical services today for friendly, expert advice and service.

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