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Breaker Panel 101: What You Need to Know

Being better-informed means that you will be more able to recognize any issues as they arise, and potentially describe them to an electrician who can address them. For example, if you suspect a problem with your breaker panel, then it will be easier to notice if you have a better understanding of how it should be working.

The What’s What Within Your Breaker Panel

Your breaker panel is the hub of receiving and divvying up the electricity within your home. That gray box often goes unnoticed, but it’s a crucial piece of keeping things powered and safe in your house. It isn’t very hard to understand its functionality, so learn a bit more in order to have the know-how to flip the right switch to keep you out of the dark.

The switches within the panel do just about what you’d expect and act similarly to any other switch that you might find in the house. The panel also has breakers, which keep your wiring from getting overloaded and prevent you from the danger of fires or electrical shock. The breakers “trip,” or turn off, the electricity when it reaches unsafe levels, which is how it eliminates a number of threats from overloaded systems.

If they aren’t already, label your switches so that you know which one applies to which area of the house. This is useful for, say, turning off the water pump when going on vacation, or any similar precautionary or preparatory measures. Similarly, know where the panel reset switch is so that, in the event of an overload, you can turn everything back on after it’s safely been shut off by the breakers themselves.

Finally, if you look at the panel and are unsure, or suspect some kind of issue, then always call a pro. You don’t to put yourself at risk to try a little DIY. Contact us today to have a qualified electrician stop by and assess your needs and the state of the breaker panel. You can talk to an expert about new installations of lighting and wiring, among other things,¬†for your home or business.

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