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Breaker Panel Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

You almost certainly know where your home’s breaker panel is. You also probably have a rough idea of what it does, but its exact workings might still be a mystery. A breaker panel’s setup should be simple to understand. If this not the case, then an experienced electrician can make a panel easier to navigate.

What is a Breaker Panel?

Your breaker panel is the distribution point for your residential electrical service. It’s where electricity first arrives in your home after passing through the meter. Within the panel are wires that direct the flow of electricity throughout your home. A dead front cover protects the wiring underneath. Breakers are what you turn off and on in order to manually control the flow of electricity in your home. Also, breakers are what trip when too much power goes through. Finally, a main breaker controls the flow of electricity to all other breakers.

How Can an Electrician Help?

An electrician has the expertise to take the dead front cover off of a breaker panel and have a look inside. A professional will review the wiring, as well as the labels on the cover, to make sure they correspond correctly. If your panel is improperly wired or inefficiently set up, a qualified electrician can repair any problems. Most residential electrical services often include breaker panel upgrades.

Call an Electrician Today!

If you’re unsure if your breaker panel is properly set up, and you are looking for residential electrical service in Carroll County, Maryland, contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. Our electricians have training and experience in all aspects of residential electrical service, including the repair, upgrade, and installation of breaker panels. Qualified electricians like the ones at Tim Kyle can help ensure that your breaker panel is doing what it needs to do and that you know how to use it.

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