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Electrical Panel: Is It Time for an Upgrade?

When we think of upgrades for our home, we usually think of a roof replacement, a new washer and dryer, or even new floors. Have you ever stopped to think that your electrical panel might need upgrading? Read on to learn why it’s important to make sure yours is up to date.

Is Your Electrical Panel Up to Date?

Your electrical panel, also known as a breaker box, holds multiple circuit breakers. These breakers bring power to the rest of your home. The breaker panel also protects the circuits from water damage, dust, and pests. Having an upgraded electrical panel not only saves you money in the long run, but also keeps you and your family safe. Older panels are prone to malfunctions—most of the time from circuit overloads. Ask yourself the following:

  • Do you ever notice flickering lights when you turn something on?
  • Or do you have to turn off or unplug an appliance when you use another one on the same circuit?
  • Do you use multiple extension cords to power various appliances?
  • Does your electrical panel feel warm, or do you hear crackling sounds coming from it?
  • Do your appliances seem like they are running on insufficient power?

In older circuit breakers, the panel might malfunction or become defective. In some instances, they trip more than they need to. In other instances, they might not trip when they’re supposed to which could cause an electrical shock. The worst-case scenario: a breaker fails to trip and overheats, causing melted wires, smoke, and fire.

It’s important to have an electrician determine if your electrical panel can handle your current demand. Also, if you see rust or corrosion, then it’s definitely time for a replacement. Rust and corrosion increase electrical resistance, which increases heat and poses as a fire hazard.

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Need to upgrade or replace your electrical panel? Call Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling, your Frederick County MD electrician. Keep your home safe with a little help from our experts.

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