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Is Your Electrical Panel the Right Size?

Many people have very little knowledge when it comes to the electrical service in their homes. Everything seems normal to them—as long as everything is working. However, there is more to it than just that. Every home should have an electrical panel that matches its size, for example: something about which you might want to speak to your electrician.

Purpose of an Electrical Panel

An electrical panel ensures that all the electrical circuits in the home are supplied with power. Besides its role in distributing power throughout your home, it acts as a safety device that prevents risks and damages in the house by protecting all circuits from overload. Should there be an overload, the circuits trip to avoid damage.

Signs That Your Electrical Panel Is Too Small

It’s essential for every house to have an electrical service panel of the right size. Larger homes require bigger electrical panels as compared with smaller homes. An electrical panel may be deemed too small if the house experiences frequently-tripped circuit breakers. Such an occurrence is experienced if you add high-powered appliances or new electrical equipment to your home. It’s important to consult an electrician to upgrade your electrical service with a system that is large enough to handle your daily demand.

Having a panel that is too small poses many risks such as overheating of wires. Overheating can lead to fire outbreaks, electrocution, electrical appliances malfunction, damage to devices, and power surges. Knowing the capacity of your home’s electrical load will go a long way in helping you use energy safely and efficiently.

If you feel that the size of the electric panel in your house is questionable or fundamentally unsafe, seek professional advice as soon as possible. For residential electrical services in Frederick County, MD, contact the professionals at Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. Our technicians will schedule an inspection and help ensure that your panel is safe and can manage the amount of electricity that your home requires.

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