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Metal or Plastic for Your Home’s Electrical Box?

An electrical box is the epicenter of your home’s electrical system. It helps contain vital components, so it’s important to make sure your box is up to the highest industry standards. While metal boxes were the industry standard, the introduction of plastic electrical boxes has many homeowners questioning which choice is best. Read on to learn more from a Rosemont electrician on which type of electrical box is best for your home.

The Pros and Cons of a Plastic Electrical Box

Plastic electrical boxes are very cost-effective, easy to install, lightweight, and are a good option for residential use. Unlike metal boxes, plastic boxes don’t require grounding which is time-consuming. This is because plastic boxes don’t conduct electricity when they’re touched by a live wire. You can replace your metal electrical box with a plastic one if non-metallic cables come in and out of the box. The negative side to plastic boxes is they crack or distort under stress. Also, the material it’s made out of melts when it overheats. Additionally, since the nail brackets are known to easily break during replacement or installation, it can be nearly impossible to install them.

The Pros of a Metal Electrical Box

Metal boxes are fireproof and do not melt, crack, or warp. They also provide the utmost security for many electrical wiring applications. Some building codes require the use of a metal electrical box due to its long life and superior performance. Usually, the choice of metal or plastic electrical boxes is a matter of ease, budget, and personal preference. However, in a few cases, especially for grounding, the choice is clear.

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