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When to Upgrade an Electrical Service Panel

Unless you have suffered recent or repeated power outages due to blown fuses or tripped circuits, you probably don’t ever think about your electrical service panel. You may not even be aware of where it is located in your home. But, as with many residential electrical issues, what you don’t know could hurt you and your family.

What is an Electrical Service Panel?

A home’s electrical service panel can go by many names. Often called the fuse box, circuit breaker panel, or breaker box, it is a metal panel which connects your home’s electric system to electrical wires outside. It is the central distribution point connecting the service wire to the exit wires, which branch off to serve different parts of the house. Without a properly-working electrical service panel, your home’s connectivity can suffer or stop completely.

How Can I Tell if My Electrical Panel Is Out-of-Date?

If you live in an old home or have moved into an home the age of which you don’t know, you may not know when, or if, the electrical service panel has been updated. There are a few signs to look for that will tell you it is time to have yours serviced. Contact a professional electrician immediately if you notice any of the following:

  • Frequently blown fuses or tripped circuits
  • Visible burn marks
  • Crackling or buzzing sounds
  • Odor of burning plastic

Benefits of Upgrading

A new electrical service panel brings with it several major benefits, such as:

Money saved. An upgrade can lower your homeowner’s insurance, since it reduces your home’s overall risk. You may also be eligible for rebates or discounts from your electric service provider when you make the update.

Steady flow of power. No more running back and forth to flip the circuit breaker! With an upgrade, your appliances will work better and won’t be at risk for damage.

For the highest quality residential electrician in Baltimore County, trust Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling. We can perform an electrical panel safety inspection to see whether or not your system needs an upgrade. Contact us today!

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