Kitchen Lighting

Create a comfortable gathering place

Many people would consider the kitchen to be the heart of the house. If that’s the case, then you absolutely have to have the best lighting in this room. We can help you to figure out the most appropriate lighting in the kitchen for whatever you’re doing, whether it be cooking, homework, or just spending time together. So much happens in the kitchen, so why wouldn’t you want to make sure it’s all well-lit?

Unfortunately, many kitchens are woefully out of date when it comes to bulbs and fixtures. If you’ve just moved into a “new” home that’s from the 60s or just haven’t updated your lights since those years, than you’re probably due for an update. More than that, you may need a total wiring upgrade if it’s been so long that you can’t remember the last time a professional took a look at the wires. Since you’re spending so much time – and using a lot of electronics and appliances – in this room, it’s important to make sure you’re doing so safely.
Interested in pendant lighting? Recessed? Under cabinet? Track? Chandelier? There are so many different ways to keep your kitchen feeling bright and welcoming, and all of them can be tailored to your needs and personal style. We’d love to help you to incorporate task, accent, and ambient lighting into this popular room in any way that you can imagine.

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