Recessed Lighting

Discrete, modern, and effective

Deceptively simple, recessed lighting is installed in the ceiling itself so that it gives the effect of light coming from somewhere above. It provides beautiful light coverage of any space, providing particular attractiveness to kitchens as it shines a light on a space that is always so busy and usually full of people.
Recessed lights are more out of the way than some other types of lighting, making it easier to install more of them – for a brighter space – without having too much “clutter” hanging above your head. These inlaid bulbs will draw attention to your kitchen and perhaps even highlight features you want people to notice, like a new, marble island.
If you work with a professional electrician to install these lights, then your chosen contractor will start by assessing the situation within the ceiling to determine whether or not you have the right overhead structure for this type of lighting. They will check the statues of any ceiling insulation and will see if it’s possible, in your home, to install these lights in the current ceiling, or if it would have had to be a part of a new ceiling build.

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