Smart Home Lighting

Never Come Home to a Dark house

Never come home to a dark house again with the smart home lighting products offered by Tim Kyle. With this lighting, you can save more energy than ever before, which helps save you money while saving the environment. Smart home lighting allows the user to turn on and off lights from any distance, so even if you’re across the ocean, you can turn off unused lights at the push of a button.
You can also turn on those same lights remotely in order to increase security in and around your home when the sun goes down. This deters intruders and increases visibility, making it seem like someone is at home even if you haven’t been there in days. Don’t let travel become something you have to worry about; incorporating smart lighting brings control and peace of mind no matter where you go.

Caséta “puts the smart control at the switch, so you can make your existing bulbs act smart, even LEDs.” Lutron’s products, which include both Caséta and RA Select, allow you to turn your lights on and off from any distance. They can be integrated with a huge number of other smart devices, making them easy to use and to bring into your home. To further launch these products into the future, you can use touchscreen controls to make changes…or do the same with just your voice! 

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