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Considering the Cost of an Electric Fence

If you own livestock, or a pet cat or dog, then you know that keeping them confined to your property can be a challenge. Obviously, you don’t want them to be tied up 24/7, but you also don’t want them running away or getting in harm’s way if allowed to roam freely without any barriers. This is where an electric fence can help.

Reasons to Choose an Electric Fence

An electric fence is a metal fence that is connected to electric current that gives pets and people a mild shock if they cross or touch the fence. This type of fencing can be visible or buried just beneath the surface of the ground. Underground electric fences are activated by a collar worn by a pet.

Why would a pet owner need an electric fence? Electric fences are a great way to keep your dog or cat confined to your property without having to tie them on a chain or lead. The mild shock the animal receives when crossing the boundary quickly teaches them where they are permitted to roam and what areas are prohibited.

Pet owners may be reluctant to use an invisible fence because they think it’s cruel to use electric shock to control their pets. However, the truth is the shocks are very mild and the fence emits a warning signal that the pet soon realizes is a forerunner to a shock and thus learns to back away from that area.

Another challenge to an electric fence is the cost. Although the initial cost is similar to that of traditional fencing, there is the cost of the electricity to consider as well as the monthly service charge for the pet collar. The industry average is about $10/month for the electric current and $50/month for the use of the collar.

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