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Dangers of DIY Electrical Work

“Can I do my own electrical work?” That’s a question most homeowners ask when faced with an electrical problem. Some may have the know-how and the right tools to fix electrical malfunctions. However, did you know that approximately 400 electrocutions are reported annually in the United States? Most of these electrocutions result from DIY electrical work.

The Dangers of Do It Yourself

Before you head for the circuit breaker, consider hiring a licensed electrician in Cockeysville to avoid the risks associated with DIY electrical work. You may get away with hitting your finger while doing carpentry, but messing with live electricity wires is dangerous. If you don’t have the knowledge of fixing electrical issues in your home, stay safe by calling an electrician.

If you’re handling your own electrical jobs, the probability of getting confused or using wrong fuses, wires, or switches is high. This can lead to damages in your home, including fire, electric appliances breakdown, and high current and future repair costs.

You might also risk losing compensation claims from your home insurance company. Most insurance policies don’t cover damages sustained due to DIY electrical work. If the cause of electrical fire or property damage was caused by repairs done by unlicensed and uncertified professionals, then the homeowner’s policy may be nullified by the insurance company.

The risks associated with DIY electrical work outweigh the benefits. Hiring a certified electrical technician saves you time and money since they will identify the electrical issue and use the correct products. Also, it ensures the safety of homeowners and increases the reliability of electrical systems, thus reducing frequent repair issues.

Call a Proficient Electrician in Cockeysville

Before attempting any DIY electrical work, ask yourself if it’s worth risking your life to save a few dollars. You might cause more damage and spend more money than you would by hiring a professional. A simple project can turn into a nightmare due to inexperience. Please don’t risk it. Call Tim Kyle to for your next electrical service work.

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