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Developments in Electricity Play Catchup

There have been a lot of surprising developments in electricity production lately, or at least in where the power can come from.  Researchers are constantly looking for new and green ways of powering the world, and recently, scientists in Florida have come up with one solution for two big problems: clean energy and food waste.

Old Tomatoes Are the New Developments in Electricity

It’s not breaking news that an enormous amount of food is wasted on a daily basis, particularly farm-grown materials, which can be set aside from simple, cosmetic flaws.  Even if there is nothing wrong healthy or taste-wise, a bruise will prevent a fruit or vegetable from being sold.  As a result, landfills can be piled high with these “unsuitable” products.  Luckily, a team “from the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, Princeton University and Florida Gulf Coast University… has developed a microbial electrochemical cell that can use tomato waste to generate electric current.”

Yes, one day we may be lighting our homes with power generated by old tomatoes.  It’s an exciting, if somewhat strange, prospect.  Where these vegetables (or fruits?) were once going completely to waste and causing disposal issues, they may soon be put toward a much nobler cause.  Though previous “waste materials” haven’t historically been successful at their electricity generation, the waste from these tomatoes is surprising researchers with its potency thus far.  They may not yet give off big amounts of power, but any progress is good progress, and the minds who are studying this potential are optimistic that they can greatly increase the output with some future tweaks.

With it being said that the state of Florida alone has “396,000 tons of waste tomatoes” every year (a staggering number), it’s easy to see why people might be eager to put some of this would-be garbage to a better use.  If you want to learn more about alternate sources of energy to reduce your own carbon footprint, get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling.


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