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Electrical Resolutions for 2020

The new year brings new resolutions. Your resolutions can be more than weight, diet, or financial changes; they can also be about your home and the environment. Consider incorporating some electrical resolutions to your list to this new year. Here’s a list of the top electrical resolutions you can start implementing today to prepare for 2020!

New Year’s (Electrical) Resolutions

It’s good practice to replace your outlets regularly, as needed. New outlets help you avoid overloading current outlets, which can result in an outage or even an electrical fire. You need to replace your outlet if:

  • The slots have loosened
  • The outlet is producing electric shocks
  • The outlet has died and no longer works
  • The exterior plastic feels warm to the touch
  • You have an ungrounded outlet.

Also, check if your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors require battery replacement. A general rule of thumb is to test both your fire and carbon monoxide alarms once a month and to replace most batteries annually. The actual alarms need to be replaced regularly as well. Replace fire alarms every 10 years and carbon monoxide alarms every 5-7 years. When replacing the batteries, check the expiration date on your alarms that indicate when the entire appliance needs an upgrade.

Winter means colder nights spent indoors and trying to stay warm. People love to use electric blankets and space heaters as a solution for extra heat in their bedrooms. While this is fine, make sure you never get careless while using these products. It is not recommended to leave heating blankets or space heaters plugged in while you sleep. These small appliances generate a lot of heat, and when something goes wrong, it can go wrong quickly. Both space heaters and electric blankets can cause fires, and the blankets can cause severe burns. Make it a part of your new year’s electrical resolutions to always safely use your electric devices.

Start Your Resolutions with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling

You can get ahead and prepare your home for your electrical resolutions by working with a Rosemont electrician. Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling can inspect your home for electrical hazards, take on projects of any size such as outlet replacements, and can offer suggestions for additional electrical improvements to your home. Contact Tim Kyle for new installations and remodels, repairs and rewiring, home safety service plans, emergency standby power, landscape lighting, panel upgrades, surge detection, and fire and carbon monoxide alarm projects. All customers receive a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so book your appointment today!

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