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Electricity-Related Fires Start Quickly

Unfortunately, there are a lot of electricity-related fires in homes reported every year.  Though many are accidental and could not have been prevented, a number of them could be avoided if people in the home took some precautionary measures.

Regular Inspections Help Prevent Electricity-Related Fires

These precautionary measures begin with the correct use of extension cords, a common object found in homes today.  Since modern households have so many electronic devices, a larger number of outlets, cables, and extension cords are needed to keep everything plugged in and powered on.  As a result, some basic safety is overlooked, but it only takes one frayed cable to be a hazard.  Even if the cable has been newly purchased, you should make sure that it isn’t broken or damaged before use and unplug it afterward, if it doesn’t need to be connected to power at all times.

Chargers, like phone and computer power cords, are often hung at odd angles, such as  over the edges of tables, chairs, and beds.  This can result in tears or splits in the protective casing around the wire which may lead to a shock or worse.  Electricity-related fires can begin as a small spark, so be vigilant when it comes to looking over the state of cords and cables at home or elsewhere.  Keep in mind that if they’ve been damaged, you should replace them as soon as possible and not use them until then even if you have some “quick fix,” such as electrical tape.

Protect your devices from overloading and from the risk of starting electricity-related fires by using surge protectors.  These are often called “power strips” and can keep computers and other electronics from being damaged in, say, a thunderstorm.  Not all “power strips” really protect thoroughly, though, so do some research and/or ask for a recommendation before making a purchase so that you can be confident that you and your devices are, in fact, safe.

One reason that so many shared residences, such as college dormitories, don’t allow string or holiday lighting is that they are often left turned on for far too long and pose a serious hazard for electricity-related fires.  Many people forget to unplug these strings, which don’t always have on and off switches, and thus the bulbs burn hot and potentially start a fire.  It’s easy to forget about these pleasant, attractive strings, but it’s crucial to not leave them on overnight or otherwise unattended.

Keep your family and yourself safe from electricity-related fires by employing these safety tips.  For general lighting concerns and questions, or to learn more about our home safety service plan, get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling.


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