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Flex Demand Reduces Energy Consumption and Prices

Until recently, when asked how they power their homes, homeowners might have suggested one of three options: buy as needed, generate their own (at least partially), or reduced use in recent years in favor of efficiency.  Well, the Rocky Mountain Institute has said that there may be a fourth option called ‘flex demand, which either manually or systematically changes the times at which electricity is consumed to drop prices and energy use.

Flex Demand is Good for You and for the Planet

In their findings, the Rocky Mountain Institute found that, with regard the other three options, this new ‘flex demand’ system wins out.  In adjusting how power is consumed within the home, or more specifically, when it is used, people can cause significant change on their energy bills and do good for the environment.  Though one of the other options is generating power personally to power the house, such as with rooftop solar panels, flex demand outstrips even that.

Performing high-energy functions in the off-peak hours seems to make a huge difference in the numbers.  Companies like BGE have already begun to push similar habits; with their smart meters, they automatically limit air conditioning turning the summer heat to save money and energy, both which are driven up by turning the AC way down in the afternoon hours.  It sounds uncomfortable, but the numbers of how much of an impact this simple change can have are undeniable.  Another shift might be running laundry or the dishwasher at night, far shy of the “typical” time periods for these devices.

Energy efficiency is important in a world that’s running out of resources and is further incentivized by the positive impact it (and flex demand) can have on your wallet.  For more information on how to save energy within your home or business with flex demand, get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling.


Homeowners Could Save Up to 40 Percent on Electricity by Flexing Their Demand, Report Says

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