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LED Light Bulbs Continue to Impress

Why don’t you have LED light bulbs installed into the fixtures in your house?  If you just haven’t thought about it before, then now is the time, since this energy efficient option is more affordable than ever.

Out with the Old, in with LED Light Bulbs

You likely already know about the benefits of LED light bulbs: they both last longer than other offerings and are better for the planet.  Despite this, they weren’t being purchased as much as you might have expected due to higher prices than some of the alternatives.  Fortunately, there has come a solution to this problem, which is simply that the cost has dropped way down.  Not only that, but lighting experts have also promised that the switch to LED light bulbs will result in a much lower electricity bill than ever.

Unfortunately, many people are just averse to change in general, but this one is becoming increasingly silly to ignore.  Replacing conventional incandescents or even the older CFLs with LED light bulbs makes such a huge difference all around that it’s simply a no-brainer.  As an added incentive, these bulbs are even available in all varieties for whatever fixture is there already, “including dimmable, 3-way, candelabra and recessed.”  So, not only are they affordable and environmentally friendly, but they’re also incredibly versatile.

What’s the most updated information about price comparisons?  Well, “the most common traditional bulb — a 60 watt incandescent — costs about $1. A CFL bulb… is about $2. The LED… costs $2.50.”  At an only slightly higher price, LED light bulbs use about one-seventh of the energy of incandescents, making the choice (hopefully) clear.  Even if you consider the “middle of the road” option in CFLs, you would also be choosing their unpleasant, blue hue and the inclusion of mercury in the bulbs.  Finally, the LEDs don’t run hot, saving on cooling costs in the warmer months.

Consider switching all of your light bulbs to LEDs in order to save money and elelctricity.  For general lighting concerns and questions, or to learn more about these powerful lights, get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling.


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