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Lose the Chill and Keep Your Home Warm

When nature begins to address the changing seasons and to prepare for the cold weather, you should do the same for yourself, your family, and your home.  There are a number of simple steps that you can take in order to keep your home warm and to prevent the chill from creeping inside.

A Few Small Steps Go a Long Way to Keep Your Home Warm

The automatic reaction of many people to the approaching winter is to crank up the heat to keep your home warm.  However, this can result in a major spike on your energy bills and can do much less good than you might think if the house itself isn’t prepared to keep the heat.  For example, old or worn insulation won’t contain warm air well and will make the heating unit have to work even harder to do its job.  If cold air is leaking through from the outside and sneaking around doors and windows, caulk or other weather-proofing sealant can be applied easily to prevent this from happening.

Your windows can actually do some good for you if those that are exposed to the sunlight are kept uncovered (that is, without shades or curtains) so that the sun’s heat can naturally heat at least part of the room or house.  A plastic sheet or film can be installed within the windows to further keep out the cold; the more layers there are between the inside and outside, the more easily the heater will be able to keep your home warm.  Certain drapes or window covers can also provide insulation from the inside.

Mindfulness is a big part of the process.  When going to sleep or, more importantly, leaving the building, keep the temperature lower to save big on the thermostat.  If you have a device that can be programmed to a specific time of day, it can allow for savings without you needing to remember every time you step out of the door.

Your heating system may not be as updated and/or efficient as it could be.  Have a professional take a look and then assess your potential needs for a new unit that will save money and energy.  Filters within the furnace can be replaced each month in order to keep things running smoothly and fireplaces should always be kept clean with the damper closed (only when not in use) to avoid losing valuable heat that could keep your home warm.  Finally, reconsider that long, hot shower; overdoing it with high water temperatures can have a huge detriment on the bill and energy consumption and is often done without thinking.

Saving money and energy are important throughout the year, but you also want to keep your home warm and comfortable when temperatures drop.  For more information on home and commercial energy efficiency, get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling.


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