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Simplified: Arc Fault Breakers

Arc fault breakers, also known as Arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs), are an absolute safety necessity.  They’re present in most all homes and properties, but not many people could admit to knowing what these devices are and what they do.

AFCIs Are Relatively Unknown, but Are Crucial

The most pressing question is: what are arc fault breakers?  “An AFCI is a product that is designed to detect a wide range of arcing electrical faults to help reduce the electrical system from being an ignition source of a fire. Conventional overcurrent protective devices do not detect low level hazardous arcing currents that have the potential to initiate electrical fires… The objective is to protect the circuit in a manner that will reduce its chances of being a source of an electrical fire.”  In short, these small devices detect dangerous arcs within other electrical devices and take preventative measures so that a fire does not occur.  “An arc fault is an unintended arc created by current flowing through an unplanned path.”  Because their temperatures are so high and their power intense and likely to spark, it is hazardous to leave these arcs unchecked.

Most electric professionals will tell you that it’s not only often required by law, but highly recommended to install these devices.  They are meant to be in bedroom power and lighting circuits, but should also be applied to all branch circuits in order to prevent damage and harm throughout the house.  Though there is no way to measure the amount of times that the arc fault breakers prevent a fire, decades of electrocutions followed by implementation of these circuit interrupters have only served to show the need for this technology.

Consider the safety of you and your family when making decisions regarding electrical devices and their maintenance. For more information on home and for commercial installation of arc fault breakers, get in touch with Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling.

What is an AFCI? (Q&A)

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