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Wind Turbines Deliver Results in Texas

Why are some Texas residents receiving free electricity?  It has everything to do with their wind turbines and energy demand which varies depending on the hour and is being manipulated to bring free power to these people in exchange for specifically-timed usage.

Free Hours for Power by Wind Turbines

The idea behind this plan is simple: “As the wind industry has blossomed over the last few years, electrical utilities have been ramping up marketing efforts for energy-use plans that allow customers to use electricity free of charge overnight, on weekends, or in mornings and evenings.”  In order to encourage their customers to use less power during peak times, they offer free-of-charge usage when those hours aren’t in effect.  Aside from the money it can save for homeowners on their utilities, it helps to improve “grid operations,” since there is much less of a strain than there would be usually, when everyone turned on the power at similar times.

The wind turbines in Texas are said to generate the majority of their power throughout the nighttime, which is also when people are using the least amount of electricity.  Worth noting is the actual reliability of wind power, which is completely determined by… the wind.  Since wind turbines can’t be controlled, there have to be backup sources of power that are more reliable and which can be utilized in cases of a lack of natural providers.

The way that this “pricing plan” functions is that those in qualifying areas can agree to higher rates during the day in order to receive free power from 9pm-6am.  This makes sense for a number of reasons, least of which is that customers save money by conserving during the day and utilizing when the wind turbines are doing the most work organically.  It “delivers a benefit to the customer, the grid, and of course the business,” all of which should be fuel for future forays into encouraging people to change their electricity use habits.

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Wind helps usher in free night-time electricity for utility customers

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