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Electricity in the Modern Era

Now that our country has a new president and is moving, in some ways, in different directions, it’ll be interesting to see how certain facets develop. For example, with a tighter focus “on investment, efficiency, and markets as their policy foundation, the U.S. [could] have a world-class electricity system that will advance our economy into the 21st century.”

We Need New a Better Electricity Grid

Put simply, the next four years and beyond may see big changes in how we think about and use electricity. This power is absolutely vital to each and every one of our lives, and if we can ‘gather’ and ‘spend’ it more efficiently, we will be better off. Unfortunately, the “current infrastructure” is very, very outdated, so the hope here is that it can be updated or replaced by our current government.

Electricity is said to be the United States industry with the largest investment put into it, so it’s clearly an area that deserves careful consideration, or reconsideration, considering its current state. At present, it puts out a ton of pollution into the environment and suffers from poor performance due to outdated equipment, but some bright minds are turning their attention to the grid in the hopes of eliminating these issues.

As with everything else, innovation is the key to bringing about positive change for all within the U.S. Power outages and their length of time within our country are much higher than other developed countries, which should serve of something of an embarrassment. Though our electricians are hard-working and tireless, the grid that they have to work from is decades old. “We pay for twice as many power plants as we actually need – and suffer their pollution – because of ‘the massive inefficiencies built into this system.'” That just won’t cut it for us anymore.

Luckily, modern technology allows us new possibilities in this field. It opens up new doors into how we can generate electricity in a cost-effective, but clean way. There is a “diversity of power” that can’t be questioned and which will allow for lower costs in producing electricity for homes, businesses, and beyond. There are more chances than ever for individuals to make a difference in this field with new inventions and ideas. It’s a good thing that America seems to be waking up to the importance of putting power at the forefront, because we can’t afford to spend any more time in the dark.

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