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The Meaning of Lean Electricity

In industry terms, “lean” means operating in such a way as to reduce waste. Electricity is a secondary source for energy, meaning it’s energy that results from the harnessing of other, primary energy sources. Producing lean electricity simply involves producing and supplying energy in the least wasteful way possible.

The Basics

We use electricity every day, in most everything we do. Modern society could not exist without it. We have historically generated electricity by burning coal or other fossil fuels to generate steam, which moves turbines to generate electricity. One of the problems with electricity, however, involves how it’s transmitted. Most of our electricity comes from power plants, which transmit energy through a network of power lines to our homes and businesses. Even with clean energy options like hydro, wind, and solar, a system to transmit energy is required.

Lean Electricity = Clean Electricity

Fossil fuels generate electricity in an incredibly inefficient manner. Currently we use them at 100,000 times the rate it takes to replace them. That makes lean electricity a very compatible partner with clean electricity. Lean electricity production means generating energy closer to the source.

A new movement for supplying clean and lean electricity seeks to create a hybrid approach that doesn’t require having to build expensive infrastructure, but instead seeks to use and improve existing transmission lines. Consumer-generated energy negates the need for infrastructure, especially with generating energy, and includes consumer-financed solar panels and wind turbines. Going lean also involves wiring any building’s electrical system by using fewer parts, standard components, and existing designs.

Lean electricity seeks to eliminate, streamline, merge, and improve a building’s electrical system. Maryland is currently studying how best to implement community choice to produce and supply electrical energy, with legislation nearly in place. For those in the Baltimore area excited about using lean electricity in their home to make energy usage leaner, contact a residential electrical service in Frederick County that can help. Contact Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling today!

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