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Electrical Energy Audit for the New Year

An electrical energy audit provides a complete account of all the electricity used in the home or at work. By analyzing the amount of electricity used by each device powered, you have taken an important first step to discovering ways to reduce your total energy usage. Read on and take the first important step to saving in 2019!

Getting an Electrical Energy Audit in 2019

There are five main steps in the audit procedure:

  • Data collection. First, an auditor will conduct a series of tests and scans, usually including a thermographic scan, to determine where the most electricity is being used. An auditor may request electricity bills to see how much the home generally uses.
  • On-site visit. At least one home visit is needed. The goal is to gather all information necessary for the audit. This includes details of energy-consuming equipment being used, such as brand, model, power, and daily usage. Metering equipment is used to collect energy usage data.
  • Energy consumption and performance analysis. Heavy energy users are identified, so ways to reduce usage can be determined. Also, the way they are used is taken into consideration. An audit can determine alternative methods to further reduce electrical usage.
  • Electrical energy audit report. Following the audit, an electrical energy audit is issued. It should include the technical scope of the audit, the methods used to collect information, suggestions on how to conserve energy, and recommended measures to take.

The cost of an energy audit varies by region. However, it is a small price to pay to find out how to save hundreds of dollars each year on utility bills!

Who to Contact

Who is qualified to perform an electrical energy audit? To get the most accurate results, you need an experienced professional who understands all aspects of electrical work. In the Baltimore area, Tim Kyle Electric, Heating & Cooling is qualified to handle all your electrical needs. Contact us today to find out how an electrical energy audit can help you reduce your electrical usage and save you money.

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